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IBI Group Awarded Operations Services Contract for City of

TORONTO, Aug. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IBI Group (TSX:IBG) has been selected by the City of Toronto to operate the Road Emergency Services Communications Unit (RESCU) Traffic Operations Centre (TOC) for a period of up to five years. In addition to operations, the firm will provide professional services and traffic management solutions, enhancing the management of the street and highway traffic networks throughout one of North America’s largest cities. IBI will leverage its extensive experience in traffic management, alongside its smart city product offerings — including its CurbIQ™ and Travel-IQ™ solutions — to address Toronto’s multimodal transportation landscape; supporting improved road safety and the efficient movement of goods and people across the city.

“This notable award brings together expertise from across our Intelligence sector, and demonstrates the benefit our smart city products are bringing into our more traditional service offering,” said IBI Group CEO, Scott Stewart. “Through automation, machine learning and robust analytics, our solutions are creating efficiencies and solving problems for clients like the City of Toronto that will ultimately lead to more sustainable and resilient cities.”

IBI Group’s expertise in the management of city operations and urban software systems will combine to assist the City of Toronto in achieving enhanced data analytics and increased operational efficiency, leading to improved traffic management. The firm will leverage its suite of smart city products to automate the process of monitoring and managing high-volume highways and urban arterial roadways to support the City in addressing recurring commuter congestion.

As part of the contract, the City will have the opportunity to employ IBI’s Travel-IQ solution to provide real-time traffic and incident data to travellers. IBI’s CurbIQ solution will allow the City to analyze and manage curbside data to improve arterial road management. Further, IBI Group will provide technical and strategic advice on operational enhancements to make the traveller experience safer and more efficient, with the associated benefit of reducing carbon emissions.

IBI Group’s transportation management and operations teams have been active in the Greater Toronto Area for 35 years, currently consulting on traffic operations for the region of York, and operations centre design for the regions of Halton and Durham. Drawing on the firm’s global resources and capabilities managing cost-effective and sustainable mobility projects, IBI recently provided architectural and engineering design services for the Metrolinx Network Operations Centre in Oakville, Ontario, and is currently working on a five-year operations assignment for the Bridgeport Transportation Management Center in Connecticut.

For more information and/or to connect with IBI Group, please contact Julia Harper at [email protected] or 1-647-330-4706.

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