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Poll: Americans have appetite to travel

A new poll from online travel agent eDreams has found that 61% of Americans rank travelling the world as their most therapeutic pastime, followed by shopping (19%) and going to bars, restaurants and clubs (11%).

The 2021 Holidays research conducted by an independent research company OnePoll revealed that 57% of Americans with savings of $1,000 would choose to spend it on travel, with more than half of American respondents (53%) planning, if possible, short haul trips in the next three months and 36% planning long haul flights—the highest of all other nations polled.

“Fly and flop” holidays remain a firm favorite for Americans with 35% respondents naming beach holidays as the most restorative break, beaten only by Germany (44%). When it comes to city breaks, both American and British travelers show the most appetite—10% of respondents compared to lower percentages in all other markets. However, though they have a keen interest in travel, Americans are still cautious about COVID-19 with 42% of respondents reporting a preference for places where there are few—or even no—other people.

The data for US travelers also reveals:

  • Good deeds: Americans are almost twice as likely to prioritize spending on good deeds as any other nation (22% compared to the closest nation, Italy, with 13%)
  • Shopping: Almost half of respondents prioritize shopping (46%)—the highest of all markets
  • US travelers’ hierarchy of holiday that they find most restorative:
  • Beach holidays (35%); relaxation and wellness holidays (26%); nature holidays (15%); remote vacations (11%); city vacations (10%)

Across markets, the general consensus from 10,000 respondents is that:

  • 51% hope to travel short haul in the next few months
  • 63% believe that travelling the world is therapeutic
  • 31% prefer beach holidays above all other types of destination

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