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The rise of online music learning among kids in India, Tips for Choosing Courses

The rise of online music learning among kids in India, Tips for Choosing Courses

The piano or keyboard is one of the most popular musical instruments. But to learn the piano or keyboard is also not easy. You need a great teacher or tutor.

How about self-taught? You can, but it’s certainly very difficult for you. It also slows down the learning process. But self-taught is more economical. Because learning piano or keyboard in the course does require a large amount of money. So for those of you who need a course and plan to enroll in a piano or keyboard course, here are Online Piano Classes for choosing a piano or keyboard course in India.

Give free trial

If the place doesn’t provide a free trial, that’s okay too. You still have to try there to see how the atmosphere and how the teaching. But if it’s free Online Piano Classes, it’s certainly better, right?

Usually, this free trial is not long in duration. Maybe about 15 minutes. Even if it’s for a while, you can get a sense of how the atmosphere is and how it’s taught. Is it comfortable and suitable for you?

Give free level test

This free test is to determine where your level is and your abilities. Do not let you be immediately entered at Online Piano Classes at the beginner level even though your abilities are also good. This is so that your time in spending all the levels can be shorter.


Choose an Online Piano Classes, certified piano or keyboard course. This is of course for your future support. If the course is not certified, then it is the same as when you are self-taught. You can only but are not certified. Like a school child who graduated from junior high school but did not have a high school diploma. Then he will not be accepted in high school even though he can already learn all the materials in middle school. So the certificate is quite important.

Have a small class group

Have this small class group so you can focus more. If you are in a class that has many students, then how is it different from a public school? The courses here are more private. Where you will be gathered with less than 10 students so you can focus more.


Choose a professional online keyboard learning, piano, or keyboard course and, if possible, an experienced one. At least the teacher has a certificate. Same as the certificate function at the beginning. Certified teachers make us more confident and confident in them. This is because we cannot test a teacher earlier. After all, we also do not understand the piano or keyboard. We only measure whether or not a teacher can be through the certificate he has.

Check Reputation

Check the reputation of the online keyboard learning, piano, or keyboard course earlier. You can see testimonials or research on alumni where the course is. But if you can, look for a piano or keyboard course that also collaborates with several events. This is to increase your confidence. But if not, that’s okay, the important thing is a good reputation.

Nearby location

Choose a location close to your home. In India itself, there are many online keyboard learning, piano, and drum lessons. So you don’t have to bother registering it outside the city.


If you are a busy person, choosing a flexible online keyboard learning is quite important. This is because your busy schedule is impossible to spoil with this piano or keyboard course. So ask for the schedule in advance.

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