The Zane Hotel was a grand and elaborate hostelry

The Zane Hotel was a grand and elaborate hostelry

Just over a quarter of a century after the town’s founding, Zanesville was blessed with a hotel on North Fourth Street. According to local historian Norris F. Schneider, in a Times Recorder article dated 5-5-1974, “In 1823 the Frazey Hotel on North Fourth Street entertained stagecoach travelers. (Later) Enlarged and remodeled as the Kirk House, the old hostelry accommodated railroad passengers.”

Interestingly, in 1827 Samuel Frazey acquired a farm on the Ohio Canal in a trade for his hotel. The town he laid out was named for himself – Frazeysburg.

Later owners called the hotel the Randolph House, Russell House and the Grant House. Eventually, Sarah Kirk and her son, William, took over the Grant House. According to Schneider, the Kirk House was enlarged and remodeled. It contained 55 rooms and the dining room could serve 100 guests.

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