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These Are San Antonio’s Three Top-Rated Parks (According To Travelers)

San Antonio is home to some of the best parks and recreation in the state and even in the country, and these three should be on your list.

San Antonio is home to some of the best parks in Texas and also in the country. This city has plenty to offer newcomers to the state (along with the neighborly city of Austin) and its parks and recreation are just one of its perks. From small parks within the city to larger state parks, it seems that this has become the perfect haven for lovers of the Great Outdoors.

Those famous Texas temperatures that keep warm air flowing from the Gulf year-round also make San Antonio a desirable destination. Whereas other parks fill up with snow the second the winter frost hits, San Antonio is one destination that offers great weather all year-round. Its parks are a testament to this and showcase the best of Texas flora and fauna throughout the year, featuring lakes, rivers, streams, and even swimming holes. Whether visitors are seeking a place to cool off or an escape from the city, these San Antonio parks – rated by those who have visited – are the best places to do so.

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Brackenridge Park

Brackenridge Park goes by the name of ‘Oasis in the City’ by those who know it on a personal level. This park is, indeed, an oasis in the middle of San Antonio and it’s also one of the most well-known and visited parks in the city. The park spans a distance of 343 acres and visitors can anticipate recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, picnic areas, and even golfing. The best part about this park is that it sits right next door to the city, which gives visitors easy access to its massive, and gorgeous, acreage.

Dating back to 1899, the park has a long history with San Antonio locals, and its scenic rivers and lush woodlands speak to its ‘oasis-like landscape.

Park Facilities

  • Museums
  • Miniature train
  • Playgrounds
  • Municipal golf
  • Japanese tea garden

Friedrich Wilderness Park

This parkland was donated by Norma Friedrich Ward back in 1971, and it has remained a park ever since. The park consists of 180 acres in total with dramatic hillsides that give views of the surrounding city. Now, the park consists of a whopping 600 acres of land with an increasing number of wildlife species that call it home. Within the park, hikers will be happy to follow ten miles of trails winding their way through the San Antonio landscape, which includes canyons, fields of orchids, and plenty of tree groves. Hikers will find picnic areas as well, and bird-watching is a popular activity for many people who visit.

The park is also home to several species of endangered animals, and its forests are great places to observe the local wildlife (from a distance). The park is also a designated natural area, so it’s a wholly untouched piece of the San Antonio landscape.

  • The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

San Antonio Missions National Historic Park

The great thing about the San Antonio Missions Natural Historic Park is that not only is it a state park but it’s also a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in the state, making this historic site one that’s well-visited by many people in Texas and around the country. Roaming the USA recommends taking at least a full day to explore this park since there’s so much to see and do, which isn’t only limited to hiking.

This park is also home to one of the most famous locations in Texas: The Alamo. Additionally, the historic sites of San José, Missions Concepción, San Juan, and Espada can also be found near this park. While it might take an entire day to see everything, the good news is that they’re all found on the eight-mile hike (and bike) trail that takes visitors past each one. Additionally, hikers can find picnic areas and shaded spots by which to take breaks along the way. In terms of wildlife, this park is home to 318 different species of animals and a whopping 572 species of plants. Not only will visitors have the chance to see all four of its original Spanish colonial missions, but they’ll be able to observe and watch wildlife that’s not seen within the city of San Antonio very often.

  • Admission to this park is free

Why San Antonio?

Out of all the cities in Texas, San Antonio provides some of the best – and easiest – access to parks of all kinds. Those within the city can walk to at least one, and those looking for something a bit more secluded are sure to find that, as well. Additionally, the wildlife in Texas and around San Antonio is some of the rarest in the state. For a great mix of history, a dynamic ecosystem, and stunning views, this city has it all.

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